Exactly 6 months ago I started my backpackingjourney around the world. So far I have visited and travelled in 16 different countries, and three continents. My travelling gap year is for sure the best thing I have done in my life so far, and I have experienced the most amazing things and learned so much! Each of my 172 days on the road have felt like a new adventure and there has hardly been any bad days. Good thing I have a stubborn, restless soul, otherwise I would’ve done what the people around me back home told me to, and studied right away. Now I look forward to seeing what the remaining 2 months in South-America will give me, and then we’ll just see what happens. 

Detta från min instagram, och för att vara korrekt hade jag halvårsjubileum 1 mars(2 dagar sen). Kan inte förstå hur tiden kan gå så otroligt snabbt, helt sjukt. Och att jag redan avverkar 3/4 av min totala resa – och redan en månad av tre i Syd-Amerika, tiden kommer gå så snabbt vill inte!! 


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